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Page: The 5 Keys To The Great Life



In this permanent whitewater society in which we find ourselves, winging it is no longer a viable plan for trying to find the great life. Old structures won’t work in this new world. In fact those old structures don’t support our success and actually create boundaries which hold us back from the great life. Because complexity and chaos often overwhelm us, we need new methods of operation in this fast-paced world. In this book, Dr. White and Dr. Bryan offer those new methods in the form of the Great Life System and its 5 keys. You have the power to create what truly matters most to you through application of these 5 keys in your life. Understanding the 5 keys and their operation provides a revolutionary way of looking at the major facets of your life, seeing what works and doesn’t work, and applying simple principles to transform your operating system into a fulfilling one that you proudly call your great life. The Great Life System is simple in structure and application, but founded on many years of research and theories. Its implications are limitless. By knowing the system, you have the power to leverage it to impose more order, more richness, and more fullness to any situation in your life. In short, this system helps you see through the permanent whitewater to enhance the clarity of your choices and decisions. It helps you go about the work of unlocking your great life. It is a great day to start your great life. And the five keys highlighted in this book will allow you to do just that: start your great life.

About the book

“They have done excellent research on multiple theories to develop the comprehensive system for their “Matrix” of life. It is a self-study that will assist you in identifying boundaries, conceptualize values and modify your thinking to develop a vision and direction for your life. The constructs can be used by a wide range of individuals from mental health practitioners to those interested in self-development.”
– Dr. Tim Chomyn, Psychologist

“It is a book that can help you to start living the life that you really, really want no matter what your current situation.”
– Maria J., IT Professional

“The 5 Keys to a Great Life is a thought provoking, life changing book that is a must for anyone who wants to change any aspect of their life for the better.”
-Dawn H., Leadership Consultant

“The Five Keys to Great Life book is a rare combination of theory and practicality. It helps you identify the areas in your life that should be improved in a simplistic, yet profound way. Afterward, it shows you how to improve those areas so that you can begin living the great life you always wanted.”
-Ken C., Author and Motivational Speaker

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