Dr. Jerry White

Author, Trainer, Educator.

Page: Silly Adventure Books

Sally, Simon, and Smarty Pants Sam have a silly adventure in the town of Sunndale. In this first adventure they finish their chores and then build a fort near Sally and Simon’s house. They pretend to be pirates and have a picnic in their fort. While working and playing together, they learn about “Cooperation”. Join them in their first exciting adventure.


This fun, yet educational book teaches children about cooperation through the silly adventures of Sally, Simon, and Smarty Pants Sam. In their first adventure, “Learning about Cooperation”, you get to know about them and the town they live in – Sunnydale. As the children of Sunnydale work and play together in their silly adventures, they learn how important cooperation is for them. At the end of the book, Sally and Simon have an exploratory page to help children learn about rules for cooperation and about themselves.

The Silly Adventures Series teaches educational concepts to children. This book is the first in the series. The second book is about “Friendship”.

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