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Page: Peter Marker Book 1


Peter Marker was a World War I spy for the United States. Afterwards, he remained undercover in Europe for nearly two years. He was recalled to the U.S. in June of 1920 for a special set of assignments: First, search for Russian spy cells that were attempting to disrupt the labor movement and create havoc. Secondly, to dismantle a German organization that was a major robbery ring in the New York City area using their spoils to influence the pending 1920 Presidential election.

Marker embarks on a series of adventures while creating a team of specialized U.S. Army Intelligence agents to assist in thwarting both the Russian and German efforts. But, during his quest to capture the Germans, he accidentally discovers tales of Presidential candidate Warren G. Harding’s financial corruption and illicit affairs with several women. His surveillance also reveals corruption within those surrounding Harding as well as their collaboration with German spy cells.

To extinguish these two-prong threats, Peter must involve the La Cosa Nostra and the New York Police Department. The second forthcoming book in The Marker to Pay series will reveal even more regarding Harding’s involvement with women and the German plot to kidnap or kill the President-elect.

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