Dr. Jerry White

Author, Trainer, Educator.

Page: Peter Marker Book 2


Previously, Captain Peter Marker encountered both Russian and German spies in New York City. During that assignment, he uncovered correspondence from a William P. Rayney to a German Stormtrooper Colonel named Manheim Schluter who was now in Miami Beach. The head of Army Intelligence (G-2), Colonel Hamilton, knew this German Colonel was a horrendous person who had been suspected of killing French and Belgium females that were serving as prostitutes. Colonel Hamilton previously thought Schluter died in the Battle of the Argonne Forest during the last stages of the War. But, according to Captain Marker’s agents the report of Schluter’s death was erroneous, and Schluter is located in Miami Beach. In this adventure, Colonel Hamilton and Captain Marker would soon discover that Colonel Schluter wasn’t alone; he had already established a U.S. spy network. Simultaneously, Marker’s agents learned of a rogue submarine was in the Florida Keys and had unloaded eight to 10 men to establish a base on a desolate Key north of Key West. Adding to the intrigue, while Marker’s men were doing audio surveillance, they overheard a conversation concerning a plot to kidnap or kill President-elect Harding from someone on the President-elect’s staff. No doubt, espionage, a detailed plan for the defense of the U.S. and the President-elect, and cunning counter maneuvers must follow.

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