Dr. Jerry White

Author, Trainer, Educator.

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Dr. Jerry White is co-author of The 5 Keys to the Great Life, co-author of the Peter Marker Spy series and author of the children’s book series The Silly Adventures of Sally, Simon, and Smarty Pants Sam. Dr. White’s professional career has been multifaceted. He worked in private practice as a Psychologist and at a psychiatric hospital as a Child & Adolescent Psychologist as well as a Forensic Psychologist. He has owned businesses in Training and Consulting as well as Computer Programming and Sales. He spent some time working with the Federal Government as a Computer Specialist, Training Administrator, and Executive. He has worked as an adjunct professor teaching undergraduate, Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree students. He has made more than thirty presentations to professional organizations at conferences and conventions on various computer, technology, and psychology related topics. Dr. White has published several articles on learning and education.


Dr. White has spent a lifetime dedicated to his personal vision of helping people reach their highest potential through training and education. In helping others, he has been able to develop and expand his theories on helping people understand themselves and their place in life. His work in education, psychology, technology, and training has given him the opportunity to put his experience and theories into practice. Dr. White holds a Ph.D., Ed.S. and a M.Ed. from Georgia State University and a B.S. from North Carolina State University.


His first book, The 5 Keys To The Great Life, coauthored with Dr. Tomi Bryan, received wide attention and earned Dr. White several speaking engagements. Since that time, Dr. White has penned a series of children’s books about concepts children need to know and understand.


Dr. White is now working on his third novel, a spy novel series coauthored with Dr. Albert Strickland which they hope will become a screenplay next year. He is also working on the second book in the 5 Keys series.


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